2 month transformation!!

I shared this on my social media last night, but wanted to document it here too😊 

These pictures are exactly 2 months and 14 days apart😱Sharing these progress pictures makes me proud today. A lot nervous😬, but way more proud. Proud that I committed to the 21 Day Fix Extreme and Shakeology on January 2nd. Proud that I chose to take care of myself first, rather than everyone else first. Proud that I am showing my children how to be strong and confident. Proud that I don’t fear what people say about my before pictures because my desire to help other women is greater than that fear. 

Two months ago I felt like I would ever get back into shape because I couldn’t find the time for anything, let alone getting to the gym. Who is going to watch 4 kids for 2-3 hours 6 days a week so I can reach my goals? 😳 And how was I going to find those extra hours in my day?! I couldn’t even find time to shower at that point. I had been following Pam, my coach and very good friend now, for a year until I finally said to myself, what do I have to lose? Pam’s energy was contagious! I committed to just 30 minutes a day, for ME. The support and motivation I received from my my coaches @pamelabusfit @forever_fit_mom and @mindycourt was life changing. All the tools were there for me succeed, from home! I can’t wait to see what my progress will be in another two months. 

What do you want your progress to look like in two months? Join me on my journey! My Spring Lean Up Challenge Group starts April 3rd. Commit to it with me for 30 days and I promise you will be proud of yourself too. #progressnotperfection #proud #committoyourgoals #bestself #BOD #triberedefine #teamfitdynasty #myfitgreenvibe #beachbodycoach #21dayfixextreme #autumncalabrese #shakeology @carldaikeler @shakeology @autumncalabrese

Fanatic about nutrition💚

I spent a lot of time with my cousins growing up. They were like siblings to me. Sleepovers, all day play dates, and lots of meals. My Aunt and Uncle just added me to mix like it was nothing. Knowing now how labor intensive it is to constantly feed children all day, I can really appreciate this now.  I don’t recall the exact year, but my Aunt’s Mother became very ill.  Her name was Pearl. During Pearl’s illness, I noticed a change in the food my Aunt was preparing for us. It was different, but I tried it. For the most part I liked it!  She also changed her shampoos, her toothpastes, sunscreens, almost everything. I was fascinated. Why was she doing all of this?  She didn’t really get into too much detail, but said that it was healthier.   I wasn’t even 10 years old when this was going on, but I can vividly remember it.  I watched her drink her tea infusions and asked her about it.  I saw the strange new things she was eating and asked her about it. She ate NO sugar.  My Aunt was following a Macrobiotic diet.  I read some of her books when I was older to see what it was all about.  It was a diet that could possibly help prevent cancer.  I wasn’t aware until shortly after Pearl passed away, but she had died of breast cancer.  

Fast forward to me at 37 when my Father was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. I frantically looked up diets, remedies, anything that could help him. There was nothing I could do. Three months later he was gone. I now knew how my Aunt felt. I did not want anything that I ate, or used on my skin to contain anything that could possibly cause cancer. Nothing. I didn’t want my two daughters (and the new little one growing inside me) to be harmed by chemicals.  

Three and half years and two babies later, here I am. Trying my best to keep my family and I as healthy as possible. Constantly analyzing what products we use, what foods we eat.  I may be a LITTLE fanatical about it, but these are my babies❤️  This the only body I have been given.  I want to make it last!

Shakeology and Sick Kids!

Thank goodness I have Shakeology in my house!  There are so many germs swirling around here that it provides my family and I a line of defense. Two were home sick this week, and two trips to the doctor.  My two youngest daughters like the Vegan Tropical Strawberry (they are both dairy free so YAY), and my oldest daughter likes the regular Chocolate flavor.  My FAVORITE is Cafe Latte.  I LOVE coffee and it literally tastes like coffee ice cream. Heaven.  Not only is it full of awesome nutrients and probiotics, but it curbs my cravings!  It has become my craving lol!  My daughter Gia likes to help me mix it.

The Beginning of Coach Leslie

Hi! I’m Leslie, a wife and a Mom of 4. I joined a Beachbody challenge group this January, and it changed my life. SERIOUSLY. I lost 12 pounds and 6 inches in 30 days! I’ve always been a healthy eater, but portions were a BIG problem. I wasn’t making myself a priority. I made every excuse as to why I had no time to workout. In one short month I’ve turned all of that around! It’s only the beginning! I’m making it my mission to help women like me find their potential, to fit in time to take care of yourself. If I can do it, you can!