It’s getting COOL in here!

Today was a blast🙌🏻 I am sitting here tonight reflecting on what it all means and I feel so empowered.

Because I lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising consistently and eating well, I fit the cool mold ya’ll!! I am going to have #coolsculpting done and will be documenting the entire process here. It’s noninvasive and fits perfectly in my #greenvibetribe world. No down time, which means I can be back to my workouts right away. @lumen_center walked me through everything today and I am so impressed with their location and the amazing women I got to hang out with today….with little Sam tagging along! Lol.

As a 42 year old Mom of 4, I had made peace with certain areas of my body. I am human and popped out 4 humans😂

But why should I settle? Being given this opportunity to show women what else is possible in conjunction with daily fitness and nutrition is exciting!! This permanently kills fat cells. No more yo yo. There is some serious muscle hiding under here and I intend to find it! If you are curious about #coolsculpting definitely consider pairing it with a wellness whisperer🙋🏻‍♀️ (me!) to maintain your results…. and vice versa, if you workout like a beast but can’t lean out a trouble area or two, you need Lumen and a wellness whisperer😂 They really go hand in hand. Watch and see! Check out lumen_center

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