Kid’s Breakfast Ideas!

Kid's Breakfast Ideas Graphic

Breakfast time is cray cray in my house.  All 4 of my kids always want something different, so I try to make sure I have options to please at least one!  lol  It’s the one meal that I really feel like I have a handle on as far as getting nutrients into my children.

As a Pinterest junkie, I have SO many pins, but these 4 are my “go to” recipes for prepping breakfasts for my crew.  Try them out and let me know what you think!  Which one looks doable for your family?

The creators of these are genius, and links to their original recipes and sites are listed.  YAY.  Sharing is caring!

Be Well,


Banana Oat blender muffins


Banana Oat Blender Muffins

If you haven’t tried blender muffins, you need to.  These are so easy and delicious!  I make a double batch and freeze them.  They thaw perfectly! thanks Well Plated!  This is my daughter Gia’s favorite!





Healthy Breakfast Popsicles

ALL 4 kids love these!  Now that the weather is going to actually start warming up, these are a perfect option.  You can’t go wrong when you can say, “hey kids, do you want a Popsicle for breakfast?” LOL  #coolmom  My Mommy World, you rock!





Breakfast Taquitos

MOMS!  Do not spend time making eggs and sausage from scratch every morning!  This is a great option that you can prep ahead for the whole week, with your kid’s help!  A great grab and go meal too!  thanks Tastes Better From Scratch!




Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars

These an an awesome option for someone with gluten and egg allergies.  They are nutritious yet taste like a dessert! YES PLEASE!  They make great snacks too!  Simply Quinoa thanks!

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