Family Food Fix!

I have 4 kids and they all have different food preferences😳 Somedays this can be daunting. When they walk in and air at the table I usually hear a lot of “do we really have to eat this?” 🤣 Ummm YES. I have to find ways for them to understand that food is fuel first. It isn’t meant to taste like dessert at every meal!

My kids range from age 2.5 to 12.5, so they all have different nutritional needs. My pediatrician doesn’t give me any guidance with that other than asking if they eat the food groups when we go for well checks. It’s my job🙌🏻 I don’t take that job lightly.

The nutrition plan that I have been following has been expanded to include families. Detailing exactly what pretty little containers each age group should be eating. GOLD 💥 I would love to have a group of Moms join me as I do this along with my family. We will work on our nutrition, AND our family’s. A big obstacle for a lot of women is their family. It is HARD to stick to something when the people in your house treat you like you are harming them with healthy food🤣

What if you were guided through a course, step by step with my help? Support from other women doing the same thing? This is strictly nutrition… fitness is totally optional. Get immediate access to everything you need💚 Violetta, my 5 year old, has agreed to follow this with me. She will learn exactly how many servings of each food group to eat, and she will keep track if it herself! Counting colored containers is easy peasy!

Violetta and I would love for you to join us!

Fill out this form for more info!

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